Little Girl,

You know nothing. (Game of thrones).


Really, you know nothing.

You’re 22, you just lost your virginity and you see the world through rose colored glasses. Your glasses are half full and your steps are dainty little things covered in hope and promise and a gleeful mind that weaves endless stories of white picket fences and perfect romances. You think he’s the love of your life. You’re 22 and life is pretty much perfect, I understand that. It’s a delightful place to be.

I’ve seen the other side, where life gets real.

There will be seasons of heartbreak so painful you will spend a good number of days recovering from it, locked behind the darkened curtains of your bedroom, ignoring life as it happens around you, making company with the tears that gave formed rivers down your cheeks. You will stay in this state, pitying your bad choices and hearing the ominous laughter inside your head, questioning how gullible could you have been.

But, because you are a lover and not a fighter, you will somehow, against all odds, find some room in your beautiful warm soul to forget the pain (and somehow battle to gain back the pounds you lost) to find that special, un-taintable rhythm in your heart to love again. Every time a little wiser and a much stronger. You will realize that pain is necessary for your growth, because by it, you will continually discover your amour de soi. You will also find that love is more about being vulnerable and open-handed than it is about receiving and building walls of protection and this is a lesson you will continue to learn.

You will learn to love your body. Please believe me, you will. It will be a long, ugly road but you will get to the point you will be able to wear what you want without wishing you could fill up the clothes a little lot more.

You will stop judging your protruding pelvic bones so harshly against the threshold set in your mind, that to be a true African woman, you should have been born with wider hips and a bigger bum or preferably, both. You will accept, with grace that you do not own the type of body that awakens the incontestable urge in men’s groins to pro-create as their eyes stay fixated on those glorious retreating posteriors. You will instead respect the fact that you arrived into your womanhood wrapped up in a svelte frame with dainty feet, thin lips, tiny fingers, narrow hips and a not so endowed posterior. You will discern that “beautiful” does not and will never fit or belong into the idealistic box that society has created for it. Beautiful is you, with the thigh gap and beautiful is also her with the thick thighs. Beautiful is a state of mind, a state of being that society has no right to define for us, as women. We do not need to seek society’s approval to own and profess beauty.

You will climb mountains. Both figurative and literal. You will push yourself in ways you could never think possible. You will stand on summits and marvel at God’s creation and you will humbly realize what a tiny speck you are on Earth. You will find your soul on a mountain. You will be brave and courageous and you will learn that life rarely happens as planned – and that’s OK.

You will make and lose friends, this is the circle of life. This is necessary. This is what must happen for you to hold the women in your tight knit circle dearly. These women are your backbone, your voices of reason, your confidantes. These are the women whose hands you will hold through the ugliness and beauty of this thing called life. There is healing and power and rest in this holy circle of bosoms. They are your sisters. They are your tribe. Love them. Pray over them. Learn with them. Grow with them.
And you will get to the cusp of 30.


This Age where you pay your own bills and you wake up on the sofa with a pain at the nape of your neck because you fell asleep at 9 PM, your third glass of wine resting pretty on the table.

You are scared as f**k, worried shitless that you have not done, achieved enough. You feel lost, apprehensive. You wonder whether all the decisions that you have made up to this point have been worth it.

You will feel your womb ache deeply for a warming. There are babies everywhere – your cousins, your friends, that random woman on the street with a beautiful brown baby with golden, wavy hair. You want one of those, so strongly, as if it’s a rite of passage to prove your existence on this realm. You have this need a living breathing extension of your heart, making a mess of itself outside the confines of your rib cage. Your womanhood is calling you from the depths of your maternal ancestry and the calls follow you into the dead of the night and into your dreams.

You will wonder whether waiting will spell gloom or doom, is he ready, is he not? You will have sleepless nights wondering whether your soul is drying up, slowly being cast away to the pits of hell for not being brave enough to follow your dreams. You will question what your dreams are but somehow the choice of lipstick suitable for a Monday morning board meeting comes to you as naturally as a bowel movement would.

Somehow, all the trivial worries of your youth will be traded with bigger questions – What is the meaning of Life.. What is my purpose in this Life?
You will find yourself, at the cusp of 30, with a lot of wisdom, yes, still questioning (because Life will always be about Growth) but thriving. Thriving in embracing who you are, who you are becoming. Proud. Strong.

Powerful… in your choices, in your speech, in your being.

At the cusp of 30, it is just too much to get mad or feel sorry that you don’t have all the things that you wanted or told yourself you deserved (..like a husband and babies).
At the cusp of 30, you embrace the mistakes you have made along your life’s path, you have learnt from them and you keep the scars as beautiful reminders that life happened and you survived it.

At the cusp of 30, you will be comfortable, quite suddenly, in your own skin and darling, it is a glorious feeling! You will waltz around, naked, in every fibre and thread of your humanity, hugging with each turn the experiences that have molded you. You will look in the mirror at your scars and victories, holding each one with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

At the cusp of 30, you will look back and laugh with reckless abandon at the ills and joys of your teens… marveling at the spirit and fire of that girl whose steps led you to this point in your life.

At the cusp of 30, you will subconsciously draw closer to your mother, you will admire her strength and her wisdom. You will understand her pain, her bitterness and her struggles. You will see her world mirrored in your own. You will celebrate her humanity and protect her divinity.

At the cusp of 30, you realize you own your space and your energy and your life …

….and at 30, life is a flower waiting to blossom, at your behest, basking in the rays of your womanhood.

Yours, At the cusp of 30

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