I know right!! Who says that? Who applauds that period in their life?

A time when not only 1 or 2 things go wrong but everything from school to social to personal to life at home seems almost unfair!! Everything!

I was 13. Young, vulnerable, impressionable. Living in one of the poshest neighborhoods. Fancy cars and fancy houses. In a good school and living the good life. I had never known to lack anything and my parents made sure of that. Then BOOM!

Dad lost his job! and with mum being a stay at home mum, life begun to take a toll. 


- Rent was overdue

- School fees was overdue; throw in bus fare and lunch money in there with regard to


- Auctioneers rocked in and did what they do best; rid you of almost all household items + dads car.

- KPLC disconnected LIFE (you know the feeling when elec disappears; total paralysis) partial darkness for a year and a half.

- Don’t get me started on food. Dinner was sometimes just what you had for breakfast; black tea and bread with no spread.

Everything was falling apart....even the house help left! LOL


- Living 1.2km from the main road and dads car gone this meant that distance would be covered with a good long trek (cue in walk it out) LOL...and by the way that was only 1 way.

- With elec disconnected we had to acquire a pressure lamp and under dads close supervision eventually learnt to operate.

- We acquired a charcoal iron that you could only use after mum had finished preparing dinner! yaani after 11pm.

- We had to device a roped jug so we could source water from the well since we couldn’t pump water to the tanks with no elec. JESUS!

- Homework was really WORK. After trekking 2.4km, doing laundry, washing dishes, brining the pressure lamp to life( this was a task I can’t lie) getting the jiko ready to

prepare dinner, preparing dinner then ironing uniform, let’s just say homework was a struggle :-) AND IN THE DARK!

The list is endless really.


If I ever had to live a life where I wouldn’t get to enjoy MY current daily comforts that we quite often take for granted, I’ll be fine. I already have and look at me! But the most VALUABLE outcome of that whole ROCK BOTTOM experience was the strengthening of Family.

We became closer as a family. 

With no television or radio or mobile phones to distract or entertain us we had to talk.

With no car to easily move around and being home most of the time together we had to talk.

With all these house chores and extra activities we had to do together we had to talk.

Stories were shared, advice was given, and stronger bonds were created and in all that darkness for a year and a half WE PULLED THROUGH and created memories that we still talk and laugh about to date.

It actually has provided us with HOME ENTERTAINMENT :-)

I have learnt that;

Negativity breeds more negativity; when you feel bad about your situation you only attract more bad things to happen and it becomes a cycle. Had we known then what we know now, we would have changed our negative outlook and turned things to a positive.

Now we know.

See good in the bad; when bad things happen in your life there’s always something positive you can pick from it. Instead of saying “that period in my life was so tough" say “I’m so glad for that period in my life, I learnt so much"

Rock bottom didn’t deter me, it molded me and I am a strong woman!!! I tell life…BRING IT ON!



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