Dear Alonzo,

Do you have that nickname yet? Well if not you will and you’ll love it and some people still call you that, not as many as before but some.

Anyway you are so young and so happy you’re in boarding school and you love it, though in future people will tell you it was not a real boarding school, though that is not why I am writing to you.

This is a profound topic I am not sure you are ready to hear but I feel it is something you need to be told. You are, after all only 11 or 12. These are some of the best years of your life, you’ll play rugby for the first time and you’ll be DAMN good at it you’ll even become a captain one day, so that’s something to look forward to. Oh and that team will go unbeaten a whole season, don’t worry about that 20 – 20 draw, it was the food poisoning. You’re in for a bit of pain too but I won’t mention that.

Well here goes, and it’s a doozy, you know that girl you like? No not that one the one you really like but you are too afraid to tell your friends because she is Indian? Well here’s a secret, she likes you too, she has a massive crush on you, so you should go for it.

You’re probably thinking well that is not profound at all that’s just giving you a opportunity to get a girlfriend, but that is not the point I want you to think about your prejudice. Yo! that is a big word for someone so young but look it up. It’s going to hold you back in ways you can’t imagine. Remember that girl I mentioned earlier, let’s call her MN, well you won’t find out you liked each other until you’re well into your twenties and by that time it will be too late and you’ll have missed out on a relationship with a gorgeous, intelligent, interesting, funny…well you get the point she is/was awesome. You missed out because you thought, we come from different cultural backgrounds, we can’t be together, which came from some strange social construct that was never really explained to you, the thought that you might get teased by your friends cause she is different from you.

What utter bollocks (Bad word alert). Forget about all that, differences is where the magic happens and the sooner you learn that the better. Many of the opportunities I said you will miss out on are to do with relationships, the girl in your teen years who is EVERYTHING you will not go for cause she has a few extra kilos on her or she was dark skinned and you are still worried about what your friends will say. Dude your boys dated her and didn’t tell you about it, you’ll find that out later too, the boys will LIE to you, but that’s for another letter. Not to mention you have a few extra kilos yourself, so get off that high horse and ask her out, she’ll loose the weight, you won’t. So lay off the pies a bit eh.

Please do not be drawn into sticking with “Your kind”, go out into the world, and you will learn about other cultures, and don’t make fun of them because your friends are doing it, you’ll thank me for it. You’ll be a better person for it.

Later on that day,


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