My dearest love,

Hi. I know. I know ….  Not the most conventional way to start a letter to someone you hold dear to your heart now, Is it?

Never have I been the kind to be ‘normal’ any time I am with you and I love the fact that you love my weird.

Before I digress, allow me to tell you the reason why I am here now. I see your struggle every single minute ever since the first day I met you, those many years ago. When you look at yourself in the mirror and you fail to see how beautiful you are and all you see are the dark patches and the forever eye bags that live on your face, I see you. You love to sing, music gives you life, but you are scared. You are afraid of letting the world hear the beauty that is your voice. Why? Remember back in primary school how you loved to tell stories, how your heart always beat faster whenever you were writing stories because the thrill always got you? Where did you hide that girl? Are you so afraid that they will laugh at your stories? Or are you so afraid that they will laugh at you when you sing like they did those many years ago?  I know they do not remember that day but you do. You remember how you heard your confidence shattering and that killed you. You are so afraid to experience the most wonderful  experiences life has to offer  (and no honey I am not talking about sky diving or wind surfing or mountain climbing) I am talking about the simple things in life; love, laughter, tears (you might not see it now but tears are wonderful). Why?

This is why I am here. To simply remind you who you are. Love, you are young, you are beautiful and even though you cannot see it now you are wise. You are strong, you are strong not because you can lift heavy things but you are strong because you rise up again and again when life tries beating you down. I am here to tell you fear not…. Even the bible tells you so. Failures and rejection are part of life; do not be afraid of those. Be afraid of the power that you hold because baby you are a game changer. Infact you are the game itself. Do not let this fear stop you from doing what God placed you on this earth to do and when you look at yourself in the mirror I want you to see you for what you are…. Beautiful. So baby girl sing those songs, write those stories, when they laugh at you laugh with them, open up your heart and love, and open up your heart to love. Dance, explore, forgive, cry, let go, Let God, pray, believe, never lose hope.

Even as you embark on one of the most difficult journeys in life, the journey to finding yourself, I promise you, you will not lose yourself. You have the character of a queen. Queens always have their heads held high just like you baby girl. Travel safe my dear the future holds so much promise for you and always remember I got your back.



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