There are two things you want the world to remember you for once you are gone, Love and Fashion.

A huge part of your life is probably going to be filled with these two themes. You dream and wait for a great love and there have been times when you’ve thought you’d found it. Moments where you have been totally consumed and lost in a boys’ affection. Times when he has become the beginning and the end of your world. DON’T GET LOST IN IT. Enjoy it, revel in that amazing feeling of someone caring about you, celebrate the love that in your eyes seems superior to all others but don’t get lost in it.

Be comfortable with being you before happily committing to an us. Be content and happy on your own. Enjoy being single as very few people learn to do. Be the person that has checks against all the things on “your list”. Love/ a relationship should be an added bonus to your already happy life but not become your life. Know yourself well enough to know what you are looking for, what you expect, what works for you, what you will and won’t do in the relationship. Look at him not through the hearts hazy and distorting gaze but through your brains brilliance. Does he have the same values as you? Is he kind? Honest? Is getting into this worthy of your time and emotion? Communication in a relationship is key. Be brave enough to speak your mind especially when it’s not similar to his. Be open to the experience with all of you and if it isn’t what you expected, if it stops being positive; be brave enough to walk away AND try again.

You’ve known since you were very young that being a fashion designer is what you want to be “when you grow up”. You know that this is your purpose. It’s why God put you on this earth; to reflect His glory through beautiful clothes. You fight for your dream every day. DON’T STOP. Don’t stop waking up early every Saturday to watch Elsa Klensch or running out for the paper on Sunday’s to see the red carpet dresses. Don’t stop being totally lost in the world and being absorbed in pouring over magazines. Don’t stop fighting for the dream when everyone else tries to guide you in a different direction. Practice and develop your skill. Dedicate as much time as you can to perfecting your talent. Push yourself to try new techniques. Chase it with all you have for our dreams are achievable! When you do get there make sure you enjoy it. “There” is every time you achieve a goal that takes you one step closer to the end result. This is easier said than done because you’re going to get so caught up with the process. So much so that your creativity will feel like it’s run out. Building a business from a passion can be exhausting and totally consuming. Burn out can easily become a reality. Don’t let it become one. No matter how important our deadlines and goals, always make time for your creativity. But more importantly for life cause it’s happening right now!

All my love,

Wambui. xoxo

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