Dear young Charli,

 So, you guy, I get the feeling that you are learning a lot from the world in this year... Don’t worry, you will get the part in ‘Joseph’ and you will do really well...

like really well. It will be crazy fun... and you will make connections there that you will never lose and friends you will have to this day.

But I can sense that you are having some serious doubts about continuing on the career path that you are on. It looks dark... no one is hiring you, there are no productions in sight, you don’t know what is next... And I know you are contemplating an office job (I can see you ninja!). All I can say is this... DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES QUIT! 

I will not tell you about the stuff that is coming in the future. I won’t. However, you will be bored... because that is not your lot in life. You are an artist, an entertainer, a creator, an international man of mystery (okay, maybe not that)... but you are an actor... Plain and simple!

You possess a passion that very few other people possess. That is the proof that you are meant to be in this game. When all else stops, your mind goes to performance. I know, you are shy... and you wear a mask so deep that people do not know where the lines between you and your mask are. But you come alive in front of an audience... but more importantly, your inner life speaks out to the world. You would be bored as paint sitting in an office working as a temp... or sitting in any other class (unless it was a performance class). You are not built for that. You are built for more...

And please, be ready! You will be judged (harshly) for your choice. You will be called all sorts of names (sometimes even by the people in your own profession. Barbie (because you don’t know sheng)... Stupid (because actors can’t do anything else)... Weak (because you chose the ‘easy way’)... I say F^%k them! Do you mate... don’t quit! Believe in your talent. You will love what is coming! 

Optimus Prime out!!





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