The one thing I want you to know, be careful who you let into your head. Seriously. Be very, very, careful.

There are so many things I know you want to do. There are also many other things you would rather not do. It’s hard to know which are the things you should do that you want to, and those that you shouldn’t, that you want to. Just as it’s so damn difficult not to do the things that you do want to do, but you really shouldn’t do.

Are we together? Good.

Now, be very careful who you let into your head. Because as confusing as it is to make sense of all these things (including the mess I wrote above), it is a gazillion times much more difficult when you have a hundred, a thousand, a million, a legion (I love saying the word legion) voices offering opinions, options, and general pontifications into the course you must take.

It perhaps is inevitable that these voices exist inside you being that you read a ton (yay you), you listen to so much music (you have exquisite taste by the way), you watch many films from all over the world (films not movies, because you are *serious*) and your family and friends are fiendishly witty, utterly sophisticated, and preposterously urbane (the miscreants and knuckleheads among them are supplicants of your favor, not friends. Naturally).

But. The voices of these wise and wonderful beings do not belong to you. They are sometimes counsellors, supporters, critics, and echoes. They are sages and sentinels, fans and phantoms, comrades and conquistadors (I admit I had to Google that. One day you’ll have Google. She’s amazing). And they are not you.

This is important because these voices, these voices that we love and loathe sometimes in equal measure, really do influence the course your life will take. They influence the scale of your ambitions, and the pettiness of your moods. The color of your compassion and the strength of your grit. So please. Please be vigilant when you allow these voices into your head. They just might be the slimmest thread between you and the abyss.

And one more thing, it would make me very proud if you used the word “epic” correctly.

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