Dear young Charli,


I have never been very good at writing letters. I generally would prefer to talk to you face to face, but for now, this is the best that I can do.

But I pray that in reading this, I can help you spot the bumps and road blocks that I have had to get past, and successfully avoid them.

I have to tell you in all truth, your parents are not immortal. They will not live forever. I am not saying this to scare you or to make you feel bad. In fact, I am telling you this so that you know the most important thing. Love them while they are alive. More than that, show them that you love them. Take a second and hug Daddy, and tell him thank you for the years of hard work where he gave so much of himself to make sure that you had room to dream big. Thank him for coming for every show that you did... and forcing you to question the path you choose... Because from this, you will learn that you really want to do what you want to do. Take a picture with him and remember his smile (actually, you won’t need a picture to remember that... but get a few anyway). 

Kiss Smally like it is your last day on Earth. Yes, she will upset you and such, but realise that so many petty arguments are never worth the effort... especially with her. Hold her close and remember that Smally is more than your mother. She is the mighty BackHand... She is your friend, supporter, fellow dreamer, donuts-at-the-office, suit buying, side eye giving, laughing friend. No argument will be worth the hole she will leave. Take her to Ulumbi and hang out with her. Farm with her a bit more... laugh with her and listen to her stories. You will be a better human being for it.

Love Biggy, and more than that, listen to her. She is a fountain of wisdom. Pray with her more... because even if you get no answers, she lets you feel terrible and then makes you feel better. Learn how to cook chapatis from her, master her black forest cake recipe better, treat her while you are still young, go to church with her, share the troubles of your heart and the doubts. For in her... as with both your mothers and your father... you shall find that a piece of them shall always live in you.

You are 19 now... start hugging. You don’t have much time left with Daddy and Smally. Make it count. I assure you... you will thank me for it.

Optimus Prime (yes, we use that now) out!!


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