Dear Kagweezy,

You met a girl.

No scratch that you met a lady. Exquisite personified. She is the clearest high you’ve ever felt.

Strong like your mother and kind, her selfless kindness can only be matched by that of your grandmother. Did I mention how ridiculously beautiful she is? No? SHE’S A BOMBSHELL!! Bruuhhh!!

My friend this is not fiction. I’m sure it might be hard to believe this but she’s crazy about you too.

I know how insane this sounds; sometimes I can’t believe it myself.

I’m getting ahead of myself, knowing you, you’re probably wondering, “How will I know?” That’s a good question. You’ll meet a lot of girls. Crazy, Sexy, Desperate, Loving you name it. But despite the odds and the blows time will deal your heart, your soul will choose her.

And hers will choose you.

There’s a lot I could say about what’s coming your way in the next few years. Things and people you should probably avoid, decisions you could have thought more about, experiences that will change you for both the better and worse. But I won’t. Everything Kagwe, everything is connected to this and a whole lot more. Every scar you pick up along this journey is a contribution to who you are.

Here’s why she’s important. It’s not that she changed your life or made you a better person. It’s that she’s inspired you to explore yourself and surpass and break any ceiling that you’ve ever felt has held down your hearts ambitions. Today it means something to you to achieve what is deemed impossible not because you want to attain the title associated with the position at the top but because you need prove to yourself that you can do anything you put your mind to. Use this inspiration she has blessed you with, towards the betterment of your life. It will inspire others.

The road ahead young grasshopper will be long and the climb will be steep. You will be afraid and you will get lost. Don’t be afraid of the path of uncertainty because choosing to get lost in an uncontrollable journey will lead you to the greatest Love of your life.  

Yours  Honestly,  

Kagwe  Mungai  

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