Bazil Ngode is one of the collaborating visual artists on Hadithi. Bazil has a passion for showing the world an altered view of its norms and a disposition to awaken the masses through conceptual and realistic art.

Having been awakened at a young age, Bazil, has been drawn to the ‘out-of-the-box’ artistic visualization and cultural realm of the world around him, drawing inspiration from music, history and philosophical ingenuity.

Having evolved over the years from his photography and design foundation, Bazil’s visual artistry has not only shaken up the creative world in Kenya, but it is also taking form outside of the country. From taking over screens at major performances or sharing with his community his ideas and way of thinking, Bazil Ngode is a visual artist with heart, passion and a hint of madness to boot.

Bazil answered a few questions for Hadithi

 How would you describe your work?
“ It’s like a storyteller that acquired the skill of visually interpreting the stories. It’s appealing to the eye but has something for the mind as well”

 Where do you draw inspiration from?
“ From great artist who walked and walk the earth, good music and nature play a big role as well”

You have worked on visual representations of the letters for Hadithi, what is the process of translating letters into visuals like for you?
“I read each letter and picture myself in their story as this third party who was looking from the sidelines and paints a picture of what he saw in their own interpretation”

What do you consider the role of art in society and what themes does your work typically pursue?
“ Art is free-minded and so should be the case for the artist. It’s role is to question society without fear of condemnation or even prosecution, speak for the dumb and see for the blind, the themes I use vary but mostly it’s modernism and traditionalism : darkness and light (simply put)”

What super power would you have and why?
“ Power to change to a bird and fly away when I want to. See the world, See the stars.”

What are you excited about right now?
“ Light and how it can’t be what it is without darkness, Light Visualization ”

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