Dear Young Charli

Dear young Charli,

I started writing to you by talking about how valuable your parents are to you. 

 I will step away from them and talk to you about Love now...because Love is just a many splendid thing... Love lifts us up where we belong... All you need is LOVE! (You haven’t watched Moulin Rouge yet... go watch it... you will thank me later!)

You are going to waste a great deal of your time on a bunch of people who matter very little in the future. I mean that in the worst way possible... because while their lives matter (in a world view sense), they do not feature in your life at all. You should know that this time you spent should have been spent loving someone who was worth the effort. So this is all I can say... Love someone who is worth the effort. Family doesn’t count because no matter what they do, they are worth the effort.

Don’t bother looking for a type of girl. That is just a waste of your time. Instead, look for someone who makes you pause. Let me explain. Pause means they make you stand still and question where they have been all your life. Pause means they make your heart drop and make your chest beat like Dr. Dre made it (in a few years, that will make a lot more sense... still kinda does). Pause like you can see, feel, taste or hear nothing but them. It sounds like a rather romantic notion but you are a romantic guy so I know you will feel me. I have lost that one... but you can still redeem yourself. And it is fine if the person you are searching for is still not old enough (or if she is older than you...) the wait shall allow you to be a better man. For when you are ready, you will find the fire in her kiss (That one, I know you know).

I can’t tell you who or when or where... but some people are coming. Give them time... and in a moment, one of them will take your breath away. Cherish it... remember it... never lose it.

And what happens when you do find her???? Love with all you have and all you are. I can say no more than that. Burn yourself out completely... That way, if it dies (because sometimes, things die no matter what you do) you will have NO REGRETS!!! Nothing worse than that.


Optimus Prime (yes, we use that now) out!!




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