Letter to my Younger Self - Oyunga Pala

I understand the frustration. At 15 years of age you are convinced that life is unfair. How are you going to cope now that father is dead? Why did he have to die? Whose fault is this?  It is okay to be angry, afraid or confused. Remember his examples, how he lived his life and the choices he made. Everything you need to know about life he already taught you. The importance of keeping your word, looking out for others and cultivating good habits. Do not focus on what you imagine are your disadvantages. Look around at what you have and be grateful because there is always someone in life who would donate a kidney to be in your position. The only constant in life is change. Learn to love it.

You seem to be always searching for answers, hidden knowledge and a sense of purpose. You want inner peace but you have to remember that enlightenment is not a destination. It is a journey that takes one through a labyrinth of experiences.  Keep the practice pure and do not focus too much on the results. That is what they mean when the say, “Hurry, Hurry, has no blessings”. There are many techniques that you will try, many paths that you will attempt and each effort will lead you closer to your goals. There is nothing random about the cards that life has dealt you right now. Your current status quo is the raw material that you need to create the life you want.

The village farm in Gem is a sanctuary and a place that will teach you how to be a man as your peers are chasing frivolous pursuits. It is okay to serious about life at a young age. They call that purposeful living. Life is teaching you the commitment to family, importance of building a home, service to community and custody of the natural environment. You might feel like a nonconformist who does not fit in and your efforts to make something of the land might be extremely daunting. Do it anyway. Use what you have, do what you can and the results will surprise you.  

Whether you think life is biased and tough, you have to live it. There are no shortcuts, no escape clause or a delete button for your concerns. Be glad for these challenges. They will shape your character and accelerate your growth. A man is made perfect by his trials. You are never a failure until you blame someone else. Life must be experienced in all its fullness and your most valuable resource is time. Life teaches us to make good use of time and time teaches us the value of life. Time management is essentially life management. Time is what life is made of. Make the most of it. You only live once.

About Oyunga.

Oyunga Pala is a pioneering satirist and veteran columnist.  His literary craftsmanship spans two decades, where he has kept readers engaged by such untiring energy and versatility in enterprise.

Oyunga examines the texture of everyday life, moving away from traditional idea of African men as victims of modernity and disillusion.

His writings commonly feature the struggle of the Kenyan male to maintain integrity against the temptations of worldly success, politics, women and the natural environment.

From the acclaimed Mantalk column in the Saturday Nation newspaper, to the edgy Adam Magazine and currently These Crazy Kenyans, in the Standard-Crazy Monday magazine he continues to lure readers. Oyunga blogs weekly at www.oyungapala.com and is the current editor of the online magazine  http://modernafricanguy.com

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