Gently Habibi, gently.

This is war, but it has only ever been you against you. It will always only ever be, you against you. Step back from the anger, hate, and abuse, it is not working for you. We have been down this road too many times habibi. We know how this ends. We know it is a rash and irrational path; A dark, unnecessary path paved with lies, fears, and pain, that can only lead you away from where you are going. 

Remember what you are Warrior. 

Remember the many battles you have won; the many battles you are still winning. Take time to think and reflect. Improve on your winning strategies and discard what does not work. Recite your lessons and revisit them often. Commit them to memory and an easy reach so that you can keep learning and growing and avoiding the same mistakes.

Remember where you are going. 

Dream habibi, dream wildly and make a home for yourself in those dreams. Abandon yourself to the depths of your creativity. Immerse and surrender your senses. Allow yourself to be familiar with it all, to know what it feels like. Whet your appetite, arouse your desire and let your dreams guide you. Let them light the path you follow. Let them be the ink with which you write your story. For your own sake, do not linger in places you do not belong lest they derail and corrupt you.

Remember who you are.

You are named after a great queen. A woman of strong character and enviable courage. This is who you have been born and raised to be. Your entire life has been grooming you for this. You are a star, the only one of its kind. You are a Godly chosen solution. Nothing about your existence is accidental. You have been equipped with everything you will ever need to be the best you can be at all times, in all circumstances. Your singular duty is to fully be who you are. You live solely for this.

This is war habibi, but it is a war you can win. It is a war you have won. Now, rest, if you must, and cry, if you want to, but step back in and stay the course. You were made for this. You’ve got this. I believe in you.

Proudly, wholly and endearingly yours,


P.S.  Gently habibi, handle yourself gently, you are the only one you got.

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