Dear Cucu

Dear Cucu

Heey cucu, (this is how we say hello to each other now)
How is heaven?

Are the streets shiny? Have you and Guka finally met? He came by a few years ago.
I've finally gathered the courage to write to you. I've been meaning to for a long time but I always talk myself out of it. I miss you so much but I often think it would be unfair to miss you when I knew you for such a short time. I miss combing your hair out, gosh it was hard!! Like steel wool, it was often referred, fortunately, or unfortunately, I got those genes. Thankfully they call it type 4C hair now.

It's another Christmas without you and I can't believe I will wear my Christmas clothes, which might just be sweatpants and a Tee, and not run down to your house for a red cup. Those cups were so on brand. I think of them often, of you.

You should see how beautiful we all are. We all turned out alright. Healthy and intelligent babies your grandkids, I guess all that milk helped. We are such a confident and sophisticated bunch.

You have great-grandkids now, can you imagine! I wish they met your spirit. I have so much gist for you. The world has changed so much for the better and for the worse. I met a friend of yours who said I looked so much like you. It brought warmth to my heart. Remember how I used to be a cry baby, that changed I am often very cheerful. A character I'm told you had.

I wonder if I carry your name with the grace that you'd have wished. It breaks my heart that I can't remember your voice, because sometimes I wish you would speak to me.

I discovered writing, sometimes I think it's my talent. Sometimes I write other times, I'm afraid to. Writing makes me feel, I'm not too good with feelings. The world as I've come to know is cruel. A genuine hearts, like yours, are a rare commodity to find.

I wonder if it's okay for me to grieve, to grieve for you a person I knew so early in my life but also left so early.

Merry Christmas in heaven Cucu.

You are missed dearly

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