To Beginnings & Endings

For many, 2021 ends unceremoniously finding us in operational shock as we try to make sense of the grief we have had to endure. The fog is heavy as are our hearts and minds with thoughts of the future. As I drafted this post it began to read somewhere between a lamentation and a benediction so I leaned into the benedictions.

Mama we made it - bruised and battered but (mostly somehowly) grateful.

As we settle into the new year may we all be proud of how far we have come, may we celebrate our wins and those of others loudly. 

May we have the courage to boldly go where we have never been before. 

May we not be limited by what we’ve done but excited by what’s yet to come. May our dreams be bigger and bolder than before and may they be met by the energy and the passion in our hands, hearts, and minds.

May we learn hungryliy with the curiosity of a child who’s just learnt how much more their feet can do.

May we be kind to ourselves and others and move into the next chapter with wisdom, courage, and grace.

May we learn to rest, dance, and play with renewed enthusiasm.

And if (or when) we meet sorrow, may it open us up to a deeper and more generous love. 

May we heal from our wounds and live to tell the tale. 

May there be peace and joy in our remembrance.

May we love boldly and fiercely.

And may  2022  be our best year yet.

Wishing you all abundant love blessings and unrelenting self-belief, this and every year.

Sandra Chege

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