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Hadithi has been online for five years now and I still get excited when we receive submissions and feedback from the community we are growing. Of those five, some years and months have been silent with no new submissions or posts but every single month since we have been up, people have found their way to these letters and that has kept us going. 

2020 was an especially challenging year and 2021 hasn’t (yet) delivered the relief we’ve all been hoping for. For some, this year has been one of unbearable loss and pain and for others a fruitful period with breakthroughs and wins big and small. I have been yo-yo-ing between these points and sometimes feel overwhelmed by the seeming endlessness of it all. Surely feeling the feelings and doing the work of staying alive, being present, loving and kind should get easier? My corner of the internet has been a soup of anxiety about the future and it’s given me the push I needed to work on better coping mechanisms and cultivate a practice of joy, gratitude and rest. This brought me back to Hadithi and the desire to bring together more voices and stories that can give us perspective and keep us company as we try to do and be better. 

At the tail end of 2020 I brought on Rahma Seif, a dreamer and storyteller with an appreciation for design and the human experience to manage the content across our platforms. We worked through some of the changes Hadithi needed and here’s what we’ve come up with -  in addition to writing letters to self, contributors can take a journey through the themes and address another. We added Friendship to the bouquet and reframed the theme Pain and Release to Grief and Loss to more directly respond to the needs of those who are mourning and or celebrating life through remembrance. 

We are also recording audio letters to add a layer to this shared experience and we cannot wait for you to listen in. I see the potential for Hadithi to evolve into an engaged community that holds space for voice across the African continent and her diaspora. A space that nurtures a more loving and caring world through story, curated resources and generous gatherings online and in person. It is exciting to begin a new chapter and I hope you will join us. 

Consider this a gentle rallying cry. We want to hear from you. Will you write us a letter? Here’s how you can do that. We are always looking for ways to grow our reach so please read, post and share when you can. If you would like to do more we are looking for volunteers to read and record some of the hundreds of letters on the site, no voice over experience needed, just a willingness to contribute and an ability to follow instructions will do. Hadithi is a self-funded project and we value your contributions. If you would like to support our growth in any way and fumble through this together do write to us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sandra Chege

Hadithi Curator

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