“You are lying in bed next to your favorite flower. You have just watched the sunrise silhouette The Great Mountain…”

The above words were written on the morning of February 26th, 2021.

You were at peace, in awe, slightly hungover, and forgot to complete the letter.

The next morning, you are the first to wake up. It is a chilly day.

You put a sweater over your skimpy pajamas, make some coffee with bad milk and, facing The Great Mountain, you ask – what do you want me to learn?

And it of course says nothing – it has no mouth.

But you hear something.

And perhaps that is part of the message – if you ask a question to god’s without a mouth and you hear an answer, perhaps it means that god’s mouth and god’s ears lay somewhere within you.

The Mountain said: Look at me, I am majestic, imposing, and impossibly beautiful from far. Climb me; I am terrifying, deadly, even ugly. Which of these parts of me is true?

The Mountain said: When you look at me, you enjoy a simple peace because you can consume me in a single gaze. When you look at your feet, consuming me one step at a time, there is only peace after pain. Which of these is true peace?

The Mountain said: Perhaps mountains seen and mountains climbed are both mountains conquered.

You had a wonderful birthday, Ntinyari, and I am always in awe of the vibrancy of the manifestation you often chant:

“I am worthy of beauty and love.”

Love always,




Kimberly Ntinyari is a writer who, late in life, realized that her life’s purpose is to sit under trees.

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