Sweet Child

Sweet child,

10 going on 100! Trees sway to your song and word is you are now a woman.

In a couple of months, everything you thought you knew about life will completely shift beneath your feet. You can sense it. Your dreams have been stealing you secrets. Remember the one about the Maasai warriors with flaming arrows? When your breasts are whole and you can no longer stand to see your adolescence-ridden face in the mirror, ask mum about it. Your mind will be so blown!

Remember when we were 8 or 9 and one night as we were praying we opened our mouth to tell God something and...oh guess what? God is a woman!...anyway, we opened our mouth and strange words ecstatically tumbled out? Remember telling mum about it? For how badly we wanted to lick at God's insides then (and oh sweet child do we blossom!), we were so worried that the devil would take hold of our tongue. We've always been cute. Anyway, remember what she said? She said that when it was God speaking, even if it sounded like the strangest thing, we would know because we would feel peaceful about it. If you never take anything from mum, take and hold this gem-like your life depends on it....because it does. 

Tend to the seed. Plant it in the most sacred part of your womb. Bless it with the warmth of your palms often, this place of you. Sing to your womb as she nurtures this seed. Slowly, your certainty in what it can do will grow and...and this, this is very important...when the seed whispers, listen. This is how it becomes a plant. When you are done listening, act. This is how its flowers bloom.

You will ask questions of life that many around you don't. They will not have the answers you need. This seed, if you tend well to it with the seemingly little things, if you nourish this seed with your faith and trust, it will teach you what spirituality means when religion no longer suffices...and it will cease to. It will show you all of what intimacy can be even when your love is 'illegal'. It will lead you to your teachers when formal education can't get to that hard-to-reach curious bone we have. It will reveal in your dreams, the palms of those you can trust, those with whom your life will twine, and those whose hearts yours can build homes with. 

What she gave you that morning was both a seed and a key. With it open as many doors as you dare. 

You will soon discover a beast called 'Google'. Riddle it these:

  1. Audre Lorde
  2. An army of lovers cannot lose.

I love you.

(I wish I loved you then like I do now. But, my sweet, we learn and now, on most days, we're pretty good at it.)


(They add and remove whole consonants and vowels when they call us by that name we so love. So I took it out of their mouths and bit it down the middle. Damn colonized tongues! Also, it means 'ocean' in Hawai'ian, and one guess where we are when we turn 30?!)


You grow up to do well by you.

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