Your Beautiful Becoming

Dear Wairimu,

For the times you prayed to be a body other than your own: the miracle you're walking into is you learning to love the one you are in.

You'll call it your first home. For the times you felt that blooming was a party whose invite got lost in the post: you aren't late to anything: you're running on no one's timing but your own. You'll learn to trust in the blessing of divine timing. Now, pick yourself up off the bathroom floor. Dry those tears. You may feel like you have nothing to hold on to, and every room you walk into may feel like an ocean waiting to drown you; but here, my darling, are things you will learn to be true:

  1. You are and have always been, love. It may not feel like it at first, but years from now, you'll learn that the love you're hunting down in bodies other than your own, can be grown and nurtured in your own garden. You will face rejection. You will think that no one will ever love you. At 18, you will learn that you cannot convince a person to love you, no matter how hard you try.  Love, however, will become a language you are fluent in. You've always been worthy of it. Rejection is not a denial of your magic, but a redirection of it.
  2. You'll learn to put yourself first. Spending your life waiting for someone to choose you isn't your calling. I know you've spent a greater deal of your life thinking that something is wrong with you simply because no one seems to choose you. But the first person whose choice matters is you, my darling. You matter. You are enough.
  3. You've been given an ocean for a heart, and you bring so much magic into the world. You may not see it now, but the dreams of writing that you carry with you will move the world. You'll learn to do with words what composers do with music. Keep believing. Keep putting down your thoughts. Learn to doubt your magic less. It is precisely because you feel so much that this magic will come to manifest.
  4. It’s okay to not feel okay. Learn to be at home with feeling this way. When the Sadness comes, open your door and offer her a cup of tea. Sit and listen. She is here to teach. And though you've trained yourself to run from your feelings, you cannot outrun the lessons. Sit with and listen to your body and spirit. In holding space for yourself, you'll learn how to hold space for all those being sent your way.
  5. Softness was never a form of weakness. Many will say that you need to toughen up: that the world swallows and spits out soft people. But to be soft and tender is a gift. It is your strength. Because you're soft, the universe will choose you to lead people back to themselves - showing them that they've always carried home with them.

I could go on for ages, but here’s the deal: you are a beautiful becoming. And though you did not grow up hearing it, I love you always and forever, in this life and all the ones to come.

Yours always,



Christine Wairimu, more commonly known as Wairimu the poet, is a versatile artist in both spoken, written, and visual format & a self-published author. Through her work, she seeks to bring them closer to themselves. You can find her on Instagram here and can further support her work by purchasing her book "Looking for Home" available on all Amazon marketplaces.

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