Put The Bottle Down, Love

Dear Soraya,

Put the bottle down, love.

Trust me, you can do it.

I’m not going to lie to you, it will be incredibly tough at first. You’re going to feel it all; blissful happiness, quiet calm, the chaos of your raging thoughts, and heartbreaking pain, but oh how alive you will be! 

That tightness in your throat, the constant hesitation and self-doubt, the fear of living life...that will disappear too. Some days won’t be easy - because the devil works hard, but anxiety works harder - and still, you’re going to be amazed at your ability to define, create, and protect your peace.

Your mind and body will start to feel like your own again - you’re going to think more clearly than you probably have in years, your eyes will brighten, and let’s not even get into the delicious glow of your beautiful skin. You will be high on nothing but pure unadulterated confidence, and let me tell you, once you straighten those shoulders and start walking with your head held high, there’s no going back for this baddie! Your hands will stop shaking, and guess what? Your voice will too.

It will sneak up on you, but even your most fraught relationships will flourish. You won’t get it right all the time (honestly, not even half of the time), even so, your mistakes will turn into lessons, and the word “sorry” will fall from your lips with more ease. You’re going to learn how to differentiate yourself from your errors and love yourself in the gentle way that you deserve, especially when shit does hit the fan.

One day you’re going to look at your life in awe and marvel at the hard work you’ve put into simply becoming you again. You will discover that you’re charismatic, hilarious, and good company just the way you are. You will unapologetically take up space, no longer afraid to live and love as loudly as you’ve always wanted.

But only if you put the bottle down.

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