You Don't Know

Dear Brian,

You don’t know.

You may think that you do, but you don’t. You may think that you are quite bright and sometimes, hey, you may actually be right, but even then, you don’t know. Trust me: I would know.

You can be mean and insensitive, a pompous know-it-all. You can be argumentative, and petty, and thoughtful and kind. You can be generous and extravagant, aggressive and gentle. You can be wise and very stupid. I’m just telling you this because I know that you are paying attention. My real reason for writing is to ask you to breathe. Just fucking breathe. Breathe brathe, breathe.

You know… no one actually gives a fuck. How you walk, how you talk, how you think, whether you’re smart, whether you’re fat, whether you drink Johnny Walker & Sons’ King George V or cold milk. You may think that they do, and they may even say that they do, but they really don’t. So breathe dammit. No one gives a fuck, so stop wasting those precious things.

You know, you are a walking electrically-charged watery mass of meat that speaks. It is a weird-ass miracle that you are alive and conscious. Embrace that and, just live. Do that which makes you happy – and I know that you know what all those things are- NOW! Walking electrically-charged watery masses of meat that speak ordinarily do not know how long they will live, so you can not afford to postpone doing the things that matter.

Get over that girl already. Publish that story. Get that 6-pack. Quit your job (again) and start doing your own thing (again). Travel to Chad and Laos and Brasil and Russia. Teach undergraduate and high-school kids something useful. Get back to performing spoken word poetry. Get consistent with your newsletter. Make new friends and embrace the old ones. Pray more. Get comfortable with showing your loved ones that you love them. Always have one more drink at a party, and always say yes when asked to dance.

Just breathe, let go of the life “plan” and let loose. It will feel odd, scary too, but that’s what you must do if you want to fly. You know… you don’t know. But, and this is the really trippy thing about life, no one actually does. We’re all just making this shit up as we go along - It’s hilarious! Say it with me: “I. Don’t. Know.” Again, “I. Don’t. Know.” Isn’t it awesome not knowing? And since you don’t know, and no one else really does, go do some shit. Real shit. The shit you want to do.


Future Brian.


PS: Working 8-5 in the corporate rat race is not for you. It will take you 2 stints and a nervous breakdown in between to realise this, but you’ll be fine in the end.



Brian has a business science degree in Financial Economics, an MPhil degree in Inclusive Innovation and wants to teach undergraduate students. He wants to save the world and earn billions while doing it. He is a business strategist and financial analyst, and has been known to send out a really great newsletter called This Morning’s Coffee. He has 60 incredible followers on Twitter and is working every day to live out his personal values. He likes reading books and wishes he could DJ.

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