My Love,

I write this letter to you as a celebration of your endurance. In the years to come, your life will seem like a collection of wildly mysterious and painful moments. And when those moments come, you will need to hear and feel every word of this.

2016 will be a tough year. And then 2017 will happen, and you will think it was delivered by the devil himself! You’ll question EVERYTHING you thought you knew. You’ll lose passion for the things you love most. You will cry more than you laugh. You will dream more than you can do. But you, my darling, carry the strength of a thousand women inside of you. You will overcome it all.

As I write this to you now, the mountains have not yet passed. There is still more darkness than there is light. But there is light!! I choose not to narrate the events that will cause your suffering… you would do everything in your power to avoid them. But the lessons you learn will make it all worthwhile. I promise.

You’ll learn that wanted love does not have to be stubborn. It never demands you lose yourself trying to prove what a lover you are. “Love is patient, love is kind… it’s not self-seeking… it never fails.” Speaking your mind will become a life-changing practice for you. Everyone else’s opinion has always been more important than your own. I can’t wait for that to change! You’ll learn that you are entirely responsible for your life’s happiness and fulfilment. Your childhood experiences won’t always excuse your fears and failures. Do what makes you happy. Be willing to take responsibility for your own choices. Let go of everyone else’s expectations and really LIVE.

One thing I ask of you as you go through this process, is you be gentle with yourself. Know that it’s okay to lay it all out. Let your body give in to the exhaustion. Let those tears make a mess. On days when you feel the most reclusive, remember that you are loved in ways unimaginable. Soften your heart and let love keep giving, even when you have nothing left to reciprocate.

Life is not all bad, you know? On your worst day there is still purpose in your being. Find the moments that are few and far between; let them remind you of how beautiful it is to be alive. Find joy in what a woman you’re becoming – soft, benevolent, graceful, authentic. Be ready for both mind-blowing love and earth-shattering loss. You are more than capable of moving mountains both inside and outside of yourself.

 “Sometimes we must break completely in order to rebuild fully. Trust your ability to transform.” ~ Alex Elle


I love you always,


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