You’ve Got a Purpose And Sense Of FuN: Now Take It

Hey Ronjey,

You see the things you enjoy doing? Keep doing them.

Step by step, your curiosity will lead you to new places, just keep taking chances. You will stay naïve for a looong long time. In fact, some things including sex and the first real sense of some sort of purpose-ish-kind of feelings that emanates from the gut will only come in your early 20’s.

So you'd do yourself a shit load of good if you actually just explored your academic interests at this time.

But whatever happens, you will always believe that it’s never over until it’s over.

However, you will be a peer educator giving sex advice at 16 years of age. Don’t fret, you won’t have known that you don’t know anything. In fact, one day you will acknowledge your wannabe philosopher status when you keep saying and believing in shit like, those that think they know, only know of other people’s attempts at knowing.

Over the next years, you will keep stumbling into both privileged and dangerous situations which you will always survive even though your cockiness will rub a lot of people the wrong way. Before you know this, self-doubt and confusion will slow you down. Luckily, you won’t lose anything. You will find ways to self-develop and stay positive because goodness and mercy will always rock with you smile

By the time you write this letter, you will have known for sure that there are as many opportunities as there are grains of sand by the beach. You will also know when to drop unnecessary luggage which will make you feel really good about yourself. In this regard, you will make a shit load of mistakes but will still be fine.

At some point you will realize the value of relationships; in fact, your sweetest and most bitter experiences will be made of these. They will always be the fabric of your existence. Finally, you’ve got a lot of steam to turn into really cool things so stay woke.

Best of luck

Future Ronjey


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