Dear Ronjey,

You’re prolly taking a break from kicking ass because I know how you do ;)

Anyway, you remember how you always felt indifferent about certain things even if they came from the most authoritative sources? That feeling is not the gut feeling. Yours is called discernment and it’s awesome. Use it to learn but most crucially, learn about interrelations between everything, not only on sophisticated levels, but in the simplest of ways too. One day you will begin to understand the essence of absence and by the time you write this, you won’t regret anything.

You are connected to everything through energy and the bulk of your work will be about conditioning yourself for the best of your potential. Everything you put out comes back directly to you whether you gain or lose; it all happens through you. That’s why you should start taking care of yourself now.

Would you like to know how you will know all this? A deep consideration of your past and present experiences. How you will find yourself in most of these experiences has a lot to do with the nature of your heart which will never cease to want to reach out to everyone.

Family will introduce you to church service at a very early age where you will firmly grow. However, you’ll deviate and embrace albeit sinfully, “the things of the world”.

At these times, you will grasp for the first time the sense of difference that lingers among people in the larger society. Everything about you will suddenly have multiple possible meanings and intentions. Due to this, you will severally lose track but each time you do, you will still find direction in the foundation of your beliefs.

Eventually, you will be lucky to find the basic groove of different religious teachings and that will free you from the yokes of monotheism and religion as a whole. You will go to find your own place out in the world and by the time you write this, you will be stepping up to better and more appropriately suited responsibilities.

Be brave, have fun but don’t forget to kick ass.

Yours from the future




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