Dear Check,

If you could only see yourself like I’ve come to see you now. I’ve learnt so much from you young King and I’m forever indebted to your youthful presence in my life.

This might not find you at the best of times but take heart young Lion. I write to you now to let you know that you are becoming stronger as an effect of what you’re currently going through.

This pain you’re feeling now is the pain of a weakness leaving your body. Accept and allow it to leave.

All of it will come to pass and you will gain such admirable strength through the trials to follow.

After all the pain and what I know you’ll go through after this, I feel really sorry that I have been tasked with being the one who lets you know about this right now. I apologize for the all the pain we’ve seen so far and the more that you are meant to see.

There is absolutely no way you could find on this planet to change what I’m about to tell you.

I feel a need to promise you that there are more very good and pleasant times ahead.

For now though, I would just like you to know that Dad is dying!!

You are going to lose him soon. More pain will come, beyond what you’ve comprehended so far. He eventually warms up to your previous decisions. You will share a passionate pep talk with him and he’ll finally come to understand that you were only following your heart and meant no disrespect. He actually knew this, in his own way.

 Your words of hope, warm gestures and prayers won’t be enough to hold him here though but he needs them so please continue saying them, because they’ll light and continually lift his spirits, he’ll finally give you the blessing which you secretly craved for and he’ll smile and light up so bright every time he sees you.

He’ll eventually meet Maria and feel so proud of her.

(P.S: You are going to be such a kick ass dad and Maria is super proud of you and she truly loves you. So, for us, could you please let go of all this pain and stress you’re putting us through. I’ll always be here with you to guide you through it. smile)

Some people are going to come into your life. Some briefly; and others will stay long enough to see who you really are and remind you that you are enough.

I feel a need to let you know that everything you’ve sacrificed so far to make our dream come true, might seem redundant to you now or too painful but I’d like to let you know that all of it was worth it and it’s paying off.

I read a quote yesterday that really connected with me and I’d like to share it with you. I forgot the name of the artist (Madu something) but his words we’re:

“When you are working on your dreams, what you become in the process is more important”

So until we get to meet again, my Lion. Keep your heart strong, your mind sharp and your body will follow you.

You are enough my love!

Blessings, many more sunny days and much love,

Future Check.

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