Here are 23 lessons I continue to learn.

1. You have to show up and be there for yourself. Nobody will have your back the way you will. Take ten, meditate and disconnect, go for a walk and let the grass tickle your bare feet. Speak affirmations into your life, drink more water and don't forget to breathe.?

2. EVERYTHING is temporary. You up? Great, acknowledge that. Feeling down? That's okay too. Do not wallow in feelings that will only fall away to nothingness in the grand scheme of things.Nothing last forever.

3. Don't take things personally. People do things for their own reasons, and we might not understand them. Hurt people hurt people. Pray for healing to find them and take away that hurt.

4. If it is not out of love, there is literally no point. Don't do it.

5. Getting to know yourself can be a scary, but very necessary journey. Internal exploration is a paramount foundation to flourish.Ask those uncomfortable questions, eventually you'll go through so much healing you didn't even know you needed.

6. Nothing will be handed to you. If you want something, plan for it and execute . Sitting and wishing for things to magically manifest will leave you feeling disappointed and low in confidence.

7. There are situations that will present themselves and you may acknowledge them. But some will occur that you shouldn't even pay any attention to, there is no need to react to everything that happens to you or around you.

8. Seeking knowledge is so important. Asking questions to discover, better understand, to unlearn unhealthy thought patterns, to inspire or just for knowledge sake - it is essential.

9. WRITE IT DOWN. Have a plan? A goal? A dream? A fear? Put it down and deal with it. Write down your feelings, the situation that provoked them, your reaction. This helps in really seeing who you are and where you're trying to go.

10.It's the small things that really count. Those laughs, hugs, naps, inside jokes, good food - moments that we don't usually consider memorable, these are the things that really make life so beautiful.

11. Kindness literally costs nothing.

12. If you are going to do something, give it your best. Do not be a half arsed kind of person.

13. Arrive on time. Don't keep people waiting because you do not know how to plan your own life. Being late is rude and selfish.

14. Being alone and being lonely are two completely different things.

15. Don't take life too seriously. Spending energy on trivial matters instead of laughing it off is a WASTE.

16. Friends are SUPER important. Social bonding pulls you through and teaches you life molding lessons. Be genuine with them, be there, check up on them and do not forget to call them out when they stray, with love of course. That's how you grow.

17. NOBODY is perfect. Do not hold others to a standard you are not willing to hold yourself to.

18. (With reference to #17) TAKE NO SHIT. Humans tend to project their insecurities and unhealed traumas onto others. Know your worth and do not let anyone try and step on you.


20. Death is inevitable. Humans are stuck either trying to live forever or hoping their treasures will arrive in the afterlife/heaven. It is natural part of this cycle called life - so I will embrace it as part of living.

21. People don't really know what they're doing. Nobody has everything figured out. Do not compare yourself, be content. Good things take time and surely enough, you will figure things out eventually.

22. We have placed ourselves above other creation in a way that clearly shows just how much we do not comprehend our oneness with all that is around us. Do not dismiss other creations' existence. Take what you need, do not be greedy. Respect your environment as it is a part of the YOU-niverse. Live, and let live.

23. I still know nothing.

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