Oh hey. young, chic, vibrant, ever happy, Vanessa! I want to say that this is the older and wiser Vanessa speaking to you, the Vanessa who finally has her shit (life) together and has an amazing social life, her love life is amazing and her relationships with her family and friends is the bomb and yes, she has a good job and her business running but I can’t, because I’d just be lying to you! I just want to be truthful to you and tell you that you are enough, you’ve always been and you will always be, as long as you stay true to yourself.

To the Vanessa who’s just finished her internship in October 2017 after graduation and hoping that you would have had your contract extended or even maybe employed but none of that has happened, you are enough! You did your best! Oh yes, you did bring your A game and you know it, you worked hard, smart, more than you should have, you had a good relationship with all your bosses and senior colleagues, you were respectful, diligent, and they loved you. Well, all these didn’t land you the job and
security as you thought they would. But these honey, these are the things that made you enough! You are only 22, almost 23 and the journey hasn’t even began! The best is yet to come. ;-)

To the Vanessa in law school, seriously struggling through her law degree even though that is what you’ve always wanted to do ever since you could speak. You’re beginning to rethink your choices and whether this is what you’ve always wanted to do. You’ve seriously let that doubt creep in and it has overshadowed your confidence. You’re beginning to doubt that you’re actually smart. Your grades don’t show it, your reading efforts are not bearing any fruits and you can’t, you just can’t fathom how that once
confident and vibrant Vanessa in her teens can’t even stand the thought of giving a presentation in class because you feel that every word you’ll utter will just be sheer nonsense! That’s why you can’t even dare raise your hand to answer a question, willingly. In your whole campus life you’ve only willingly answered three questions in class, the rest is usually forced out of you and most times you have no idea what you’re saying. Oh but here’s the thing, everyone outside school doesn’t know this, they all assume you have an amazing GPA and are on top of your shit, and this only makes you feel even more worthless! And that’s why when they demand to know what you graduated with (as if they helped your father pay your fees!) You answer quietly and you can almost see that sneer, like what happened to you????

My dear, this doubt and no self worth cost you so many opportunities, because you always felt that you weren’t enough. You’ve met more confident and charming students who don’t really care who they step on as long as they get what they want and this makes you shreak and shrink even more! You know, no, you think you can never match up or compete with them and so you always shy away. But what you don’t know is that you are enough! All the confidence you felt like you lost is still within you! And only
you can activate it. But you let the doubt settle, you became besties with your insecurities and embraced them and let them cloud your judgement about yourself, that you’ve lost it. Oh darling, you are enough. I just want to hug you and tell you that you are enough, and maybe, just maybe this would have made law school a bit more bearable!

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