My loveliest baby girl,

You wrote everything down journal after journal.

You want so much, you want to travel the world,

You want to fall in love,

You want to see the mysteries of the Greek gods,

You want to stand below the Eiffel tower and feel the rain kiss you.

But in all this you are lost, torn, ripped, like any other writer and journal after journal clarity leaves you. You feel that what seemed so clear is only but a whisper in the calmest winds. You don’t enjoy Math as much and you like Biology more. You begin to see flaws and understand inequity just a bit more and there you start to fall.

Don’t lose this beautiful girl,

Don’t let her forget that kisses are life’s most precious touches,

Don’t let her give up on the world,

Don’t let her think she’s not good enough,

Allow her not to believe she cannot be great and let her not lose her dream.

The thing that kept her going when everything was falling apart. Knowing that someday, somewhere, somehow, she would be good, she could even be great and she will stand on a podium and everyone say they adore her. Her eloquence, profound knowledge and ability to endure. Her glorious smile, her cheeky chuckle and hearty laugh. Her ability spread love to the corner of a hemispherical globe and capacity to trust in the way of the Almighty.

Remind her for me that she is perfect,

Remind her of her that she doesn’t need what everyone else is looking for,

Remind her that no one can break her,

Remind her that she’s different and different is good,

Then tell her to be as amazing as she is from this other end.

All the love in the world,

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