Dear Past Tasha,

You God-like creature, filled with His infinite magic. It isn’t always believable, is it? That you are made up of the stuff of deity? When you look in the mirror and see more flaw than flawless. Pick apart at your facial features, your body; listen to the expectations of the whole world on what perfection might be… Expectations you will never fit.

Slowly you will unlearn this cynicism of your authenticity, discover that perhaps this is your greatest gift: your non-conformity. Large eyes mirror a vast soul; lips give love, speak kindness and worship the One who formed you; rich skin storing sunlight – you are light, and He shines through you. You will learn to appreciate your complexities, your capacity to think, to love, your generous nature and yes, even your wild fire.

Don’t rush into these epiphanies. You will learn from your mistakes. You will grow. Learn to embrace the changes with grace. Know your worth and your strength, let it teach you humility. Let it remind you to laugh at the days to come.

I have found that you discover you can swim across a river the first time you make it to the other side. Be patient, with others and yourself. Be patient with your purpose. Always remember that you are stronger than you think, especially when you feel weak. You can only experience the fullness of your potential if you root the search for yourself in your Source, your God. There is no doubt about this. He formed you perfectly and is constantly molding you, guiding you, loving you… you have nothing to worry about, you have every reason to be soaked in gratitude, every moment of your life.

Pray. Often. In passing. Deeply. With great faith. About the little things. About the big ones. About the ones you don’t understand. Pray to remain grounded. Pray because it will keep you focused.

Love your body. I mean really love it. Walk around your safe spaces completely naked. Appreciate the brown and bumpy – you are the road to your village, brown and bumpy, you are your own home. Appreciate the way your steady breathing sounds, breathe deeply. Give thanks for the alchemy within you that lets you function, your beautiful mind and supportive organs. Be active, feed it well. Feed your soul and your wits – read widely and meditate.

Be careful who and what you listen to. Position a filter that accepts love, kindness, wisdom and humor in all the forms they take. A filter that keeps out pessimism, doubt, malice and all things that limit your potential. Remember that you always have a choice. Choose happiness. Choose to be the bigger person. Choose to expect greatly of yourself. Choose grace and humility. Choose what uplifts your soul. Always choose love.

We’re going to be alright. No. Better than that. We’re going to be great. We’re going to be everything we ever dreamed of.

Future Tasha.

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