Dear Dd,
It will hurt when she’s gone. It’s been almost two years and I still miss her. Her death will not necessarily come as a surprise, it’ll still hurt though. Every detail of that day and the days prior will remain etched in your mind.

When he gets that phone call, you’ll just know that something is wrong. You will literally feel your world collapse into itself. You’ll just sit there, numb, for a while, before finally standing up to eat your breakfast.

It will happen during your study break, the funeral will be held on a Friday, just after your last paper. You’ll travel all the way to say your final goodbye. Her death still won’t make sense to you; she was too alive, too kind, too happy to just have disappeared off the face of this earth.

Yes, it will definitely be one of the hardest things you’ve experienced so far. You’ll cry, you’ll always cry when it comes to her, especially on her birthday and anniversary. You will be numb for a while but that’s okay. Allow yourself that grieving period. It is very necessary. She was your friend and family. You grew up with her, it’s okay to miss her.

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You’ll hardly ever talk about her, not because you’re guarded, no, it’s because it’s still quite sore. The only time you’ll actually open up about it is when you’ll be writing a letter. I know it’s scary thinking about it, but I need you to know, it’s not going to be easy. Some days will just be hard, others will be easier, you can’t give up though. Over time, you get used to carrying the pain with you.

When you’re having a hard time, don’t be scared to ask for help, you are surrounded by all these amazing people who want the best for you and who wouldn’t hesitate to help you. So, ask.

The reason why I decided to write this particular letter is because I know how challenging this ordeal will be for you. I just needed you to know that even as you are going through the hardships, you will survive. Over time, you’ll get to appreciate the time you had with her and you’ll be happy that she’s in a better place. You’ll also learn just how fickle life is and you’ll start to appreciate it more.

All in all, yes, there is suffering in life but I want you to remember that even the darkest of nights ends up in sunrise.

Yours loving,

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