Dear Shiru,


You never thought that you would struggle knowing your purpose because I mean look at you. You’re gifted - did I say gifted? Maybe supertalented is a better description - at pretty much everything from cross stitching (I know) to milking cows, to your way around the kitchen. So gifted talented yet in the midst of all this is a cloud of undefined purpose.

The honest to God truth is that You did struggle to find you purpose, because you pretty much excelled in every task that was put in front of you. You allowed people to convince you to pursue {whatever it was} you were good at the time to make it Your purpose in life. But deep down you were in a crisis of purpose you just couldn’t settle on one and that’s ok.


I think the moment you decided it was ok not to knowyour purpose, is when you begun to truly find your true north. Which led you to understand yourself better - I mean what better way of doing this than studying three years of undergraduate study in Psychology?


This experience opened your mind (quite literally) to the world of human behaviour which was at the centre of everything you were super talented at.


You had a way with people from newborns (I kid you not) to much older people than you and you began thriving in your purpose (I am sure you’re wondering what?) - ok your passion to help people become better versions of themselves; to help them realise their potential.


You took the long road to finding your purpose by not finding it. And I am so glad you did.



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