My dearest Wacu, 17 year old Wacu, you are so unsure of your identity, who you are and where it is you get your values from.

Because of this, you will drift towards those around you. You will try to be like them. You will want to fit into their groups, twisting yourself into a human pretzel to get them to accept you. You will struggle from this split between who you are and who you present to those around you in order to be accepted. And let’s be honest, this is kind of toxic.

You are different. You were created to be different so don’t try to be like other people. Do whatever it is that you enjoy doing and stop pushing a false narrative of who you really are.

Over the years, you will compromise your happiness and sometimes your comfort because ‘you are nice’ and you want to accommodate your ‘friends’. You don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable or awkward around you so you let a lot of things go instead of removing yourself from a painful situation.

But here’s the thing is, you cannot be everyone’s cup of tea. You will meet people that just don’t like you. And that’s ok, because you will also meet your people. People who love you so much. There’s a certain light that you share when you are your authentic self, and this light will attract the right people for you. Your people.

You have to make your wellbeing your priority. You need to learn to let go of a few people. You need to create a safe space for yourself. Most of these people aren’t really worth the breakdowns. And you’ll see, your life will change the minute you become committed to loving yourself and being authentically you.


Future Wacu.

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