Dear Charles,

Yeah, I know, it's frustrating always having to be home in time for dinner, and feeling left out, because everyone else has such freedom and is out having fun at night, because they're all grown up and you're still being treated like a child.

Treasure those dinners though, and be grateful that you had to spend time everyday with Mum and Dad and your brothers and sisters. Our family is really amazing, and we are all close and love each other very much, but the only reason we do is because we spend time with each other everyday. And if everyone would decide to come home at their own time, some of us would not see each other for probably even a week, and our bonds would not be strong at all.

Your parents are much wiser than you give them credit for.

You will eventually get the freedom you so crave, but first you have to learn that sometimes love requires sacrifice. I know this sounds like a lecture, but trust me, it’s worth it. You may not understand it now, but there is a deeper happiness than the one you imagine everyone else is having in their frolickings, that will come of all of this. And I know you are already beginning to discover yourself, you know that you are more comfortable with the quiet, the serene, the long walks at twilight looking at the stars and the soft silhouettes of trees and branches. That deeper happiness is like that, only more constant and stable. And it will be your foothold in many turbulent times to come in your life.

So go for dinner, and look around at your siblings and your parents. Listen, and laugh, and love, and be grateful that you are surrounded by such beautiful people....because a time will come when you will never see them again.


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