Dear Njeri,

So. You  fell in love.

The kind of love that you promised to write a book about and shout to the world that you had finally found, that you finally knew what love felt like. A selfless kind of love, the kind that you would have given your life for. 

A beautiful love - a destructive love. The kind that turned you into a walking cliche, just like all the other lovesick mortals that you knew, who couldn't eat, sleep or even move because of constantly thinking about that one person.

The kind that swooped into your life like a tornado, tearing everything in your life apart. The kind of love where even with those torn pieces, you struggled to glue them back together.

You remember that love don't you Njeri? I know you remember.

The kind of love that was full of false hopes and beliefs. Even when he didn't see you, you stayed,  hoping,  praying that one day he would. And that you would finally get to live life as in one of those romantic Hollywood movies, cruising down in a convertible with your lover by your side.

The kind of love that your friends warned you about, yet he remained, faultless in your eyes. Even when you knew because, women know. We know, when something isn't right.

And you knew. You must remember that you knew.

You're the kind of girl to take in every little detail in every little moment.

I know because I am you.

Remember that time when you fixed yourself some comfort food and sat down to watch that that old Nicolas Cage, Meryl Streep movie you'd been putting off for so long...what was it, Adaptation? I hope you remember how you cried when Donald Kaufman said those words: "You are what you love, not what loves you." And I hope you remember how uplifting those words became in your life.

You need to remember. Because those memories are what you will need when the world begins to push you, if it hasn't already. Pushing you to become numb; oblivious of what it is to love and be loved. To be like the rest of them who have given up, given up on love.

Love. Something that you once had, remember?

Do not forget that love Njeri, do not forget how rare and beautiful that love was because someday you might get to have it again. Only that when that love comes, you will know how to be wiser and better at making life decisions.

You will be better at taking care of yourself and he will be better at taking care of you. Taking care of your love. So please, REMEMBER.

With Love,




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