Dear Nattaa,


The new era of saying “Jambo” is upon us. We now say oyaa, so, Oyaaa Nattaa.

November 2, 2014: You found a man. The type of man that is a version of ‘everything’ to certain hearts out here in the world today. It’s a little unfortunate that you weren’t aware of this till December of 2016 but let’s not dwell on the mistakes and lessons life has made us go through.

PS: If this doesn’t all end up like you hoped it would, keep steady sunshine

May 11, 2017: Here you are, a little mentally grown. Life is possibly going great, God is good, as always. Dad’s health is back to the norm and work is slowly progressing.

You just got a tattoo that illustrates the born date of you and your soul mate. No regrets. This is the man you wanna marry. The man you found. Again, I say, we won’t dwell on the mistakes that caused the separation but focus on where you and him are at today. How’s that going? How’s getting to know him again going? Is that backx n cackx love still there between you two?


Before you respond to those questions, I just wanna remind you to love willingly and freely. Cheerfully open doors that let God guide your heart through this blessed period in time. Please allow your soul continue to blossom through this chapter of life’s journey.

And if what I just said has taken a couple of seconds for you to marinate, perhaps you could respond to my questions in a couple of months? Let me know.


Peacefully yours,

Natalie C Sifuma.

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