To the subversive one,
Believe it or not that is what you will call yourself one day, Miring’u the subversive.

Life is interesting, my dear...not boring...definitely not that. You will have great experiences and interact with some of the most out-standing characters anyone could ever meet. You will forget and remember yourself only for you to forget yourself once more. But it’s  part of the journey...that game they call life and like I said it isn’t boring my dear...definitely not that .

But life is crude and bitter. You will realize that you have a beautiful heart that loves with everything in it. You do not love widely but you certainly do love deeply and you have loved deeply again and again. You will also realize that you are good, too good sometimes to your own detriment. You are cautious with whom you love but even they that you love may not love you in the same way...they may not love you at all...dare I say, they may not know what love truly is to begin with.

You will therefore be broken by they that purport to love you. You will initially fight away love only to eventually be consumed by it. And you will be alive! Darling you will see the world in all its splendour. Your heart will race and your body will tremble at the mere sight of love. You will do things, say things, feel things that you never imagined: the only rule in life will be ‘there is always an exception to the rule’; and there will be many exceptions to many of your  rules darling, many. Nevertheless, the rush, the intoxication, the unprecedented excitement will be uncontrollable and you will savour every second of it! I told you my dear, life isn’t boring...definitely not that.

The unfortunate thing about life is that all things spectacular disappear with  the blink of an eye. You will experience that too. The sudden crash after the flight to cloud 9 is unbearable. You will sink deeper than you ever thought was possible.  The choking, stabbing pain that ensues after your heart is betrayed by the one you loved with every ounce of your being is unfathomable. Darling you will lose yourself once and find yourself then lose yourself again. You will forget how to love and you will fear the mere representation of it. The Cold clammy hands of sadness will become your only source of familiarity.

Worry not! Your experiences will only make you stronger and wiser. You will spend sleepless nights crying over love lost and betrayal by the ones you once held so close but when that is over, you will pick up the pieces, put them back together and you will come out better than ever!

Therefore,  play the game called life and play by your own rules...tailor made to suit your worth...they will call you subversive and life dear will never be boring...definitely not that.



Hope Miring’u

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