Hadithi is home to stories from the heart.

In these pages, you will find reflections and art from Africans from the continent and beyond. An exploration of lived experiences across self, love, pain and release, friendship, family, motivation and purpose, and everything in between that share a range of emotions that can bring us closer to understanding ourselves and others.

We chose letters because of how intentional and transcendent they can be. Letters ask you to balance your remembering of the past, your experience in the present and your hopes for the future. We hope to nurture an intimate and safe space here as we learn more about who we are and what we value as the stories we tell about ourselves inform how move in the worlds we create and inhabit.

Hadithi is a living archive contributing to a vibrant, nuanced understanding of our shared existence. We celebrate the people we are and the people we are becoming.

We are so happy you are here.

I would also like to thank everyone who has written a letter and given of their creative talent to Hadithi, your openness and generosity are deeply valued. Thank you.

Thank you also to our Artistic Director, Musa Omusi who continues to add depth to Hadithi through his incredible visual direction.

Travel inwards with hundreds of people who have generously shared parts of their lives with us. We hope these stories and this art moves you in the ways you need.

 If you would like to write a letter, give us feedback / suggestions and or give of your time or resource write to us on info@hadithi.co.ke

Sandra Chege

Hadithi Curator