My Dearest Shuki,

10th July 2007…this day will happen sweetheart. At 19 you will experience an unimaginably painful loss and will subsequently be severely lost. Be mindful of what’s to come…

be mindful of the person you are and becoming. Do not be engulfed by the wave, surf my love…gracefully. You were his princess and are now a Queen in pursuit of YOUR crown….   Through the HIMs…   …When he comes and thinks you are a "gem", because his inadequacies only deem him fit for a gem, remember you are more than that just not perfect, but definitely more! Much much more! Don’t get swept under, don’t overlook yourself, don’t accept to be a mere gem… up up and away love. Let’s move on to he that comes and thinks you are as perfect as a diamond…maybe even perfecter! Don’t buy into it darling! And were it true, is he worthy?? Is anyone?? He will show you the world, literally too! The world will be at your feet. Contain your excitement lady, it’s all fleeting! Don’t get swept up! You are who you are, filled with flaws, trust me! You are blinded by the shine of the crown, were it yours, it would be just right! Let’s find our crown…By him that expects nothing but you! Why do you feel like you need to work on being more, you are Queen! Born of royalty, in His image, as the good book says. Do not buy in to your past perceived “im/perfections”, they did not exist, they were never yours. Don’t you see, this is your chance to redeem yourself. This is your chance to show YOUR greatness. Drop the overstated crown, befit yourself with what is deserving. Stop it with the insecurities, YOU are who YOU are! Stop lying to yourself and others…Uh huh….you see it now don’t you!? No one expected what you imagined they expected from you. No one expected and no one expects anything other than you… you are enough  darling, please believe it! Don’t cower, you are strong you see, you are a Queen. Wake up to your greatness… We are finding our crown…With him that inspires it! How refreshing….right? Wrong! Even he will fail you, GROSSLY! It's ok. What you will realize is, everyone is fighting their own IMPERFECTIONS. Everyone has their own path. Rise above, embrace yours and shine.   Through FAMILY and FRIENDS…   You are an unapologetically solitary person. You need to open up a bit more. You may feel overlooked sometimes but it’s because you are out of reach in your solitude. You will be sorely misunderstood too, through perception and sometimes your actions that may seem, well, selfish. You FEEL, maybe a bit too much, and withdraw just the same. You need to just chill sometimes. You also need to speak up more, those complements in your mind, that response, the smile... Let it out. You are a wonderful person full of love, integrity and sunshine. Open yourself up and share - enough. Let it transcend both ways.   Through TRIUMPHS and FAILURES…   Everyone has those! You are deserving and human! Reserve your embarrassment and rise within. Celebrate the good times and seek help otherwise, you'll need it. Do not hide… 

And.... NO REGRETS JUST GRATITUDE!    10th July 2007, what you lost is IRREPLACEABLE but it's forever WITHIN you! Feel it, Trust it, Embrace it, Crown it!   Find, Learn and Love yourself - Queen. 

Daddy Dearest,  

THANK YOU! I Miss you Desperately and Love you Infinitely!  



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