Dear Me,

 How loved you are! You just don’t know it yet. You may feel you are undeserving of your dreams or unworthy of your ambition. That is not true, dear heart, the world has enough love to reward you for all that you have not yet achieved, all that you will be and all that you will love.


I know in this now moment, you struggle to be a balanced daughter in a family full of change. It is this single battle that you will return to through your life. I am still learning how to navigate this too. Please know that the family you seek to make proud is struggling as much as you are to fulfil its own dreams and get over its own disappointments. Your parents a beautifully human and are handling their life as best as they can with the tools that they have. Let go of wanting more of them or from them. Their journey, although it may feel linked to yours, is theirs alone to travel.  Also, do not compare the relationship you have with your parents to others, it is not fair to any of you. Your family is complete as it is with all its hardship and flaws.


The one thing I urge you to start to work on now (it has taken me years to realise) is the ability to know you are complete. You are a universe of your own, filled with God. You are your own happiness and you are due all greatness. Let go of judgement and anxiety, they have no place. When faced with people you love who are hurt and hurting, love them and do not try to change them or manipulate or beg them to be what you want them to be. Just love them.


In your future, you are gloriously happy with beautiful children and the love of your life (you are probably dating him now already).


I wish you more than I wish anyone because I love you most. Please remember to declare your love to yourself everyday. Yes, it is silly but incredibly important.


Be happy. Be love. Meditate daily. And leave the rest to the Universe.



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