Dear Old me - Jonah

It’s funny how the young me is the old me now haha! This letter should probably be filled with warnings based on what I’ve lived and what I’ve seen and saving you painful experiences because you suddenly have the incredible gift of certain foresight.

It might turn into that. Instead however, I’d like you to do some things in the hope that you chart a completely different path from mine. What fun is there in predictability? What awe is there in always being right? How do you appreciate the good in the world without having the opposite to look back at? Go another way. I’d say experiment a lot earlier without looking for the approval of father figures and gurus and ‘inspirations in the field’ for initial motivation. Take the path that doesn’t necessarily require killing yourself to stay alive if you can, but remember a much worse death is in screaming silently in the safety of predictability.

Rather than just treading water, let yourself sink every once in a while. We’ve already established that you can float and you have the added benefit of having experienced the advantages of breathing. Hide where they expect, the certainty that they will catch you will make you more agile in your reaction. Trust openly and be gracious with your time and your money. The sooner you learn that the large percentage of people will take advantage of you, the quicker you can trim down your circle and focus on things that matter. For some reason people just generally don’t want to understand this last point, so I’ll suggest it to you again. Experience deception, betrayal and outright scorn as early as you can, otherwise you’ll waste precious time trying to appease people to get over it.

Pay more than lip service to those who prove themselves to you. The proof is everything. Listen to more than a single genre of music, it’s surprising just how much this will change where you go, who you talk to and what you think about love. Love even when you are not certain you know that the emotion is in fact real. Finally, write me back. I miss you and I feel like right now I can do things for you that I couldn’t back then.

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