Dear Njoroge,

Greetings young STAR, I bow humbly at your feet in recognition of your divine spark cosmic wanderer. Born with the blood of a slave but blessed with a KING’s HEART.

May you read this letter often, going round over it until you spiral into the gift of its truths.

LOVE is all there is. It is your essence. So feel, trust, choose and be LOVE for at your bestthis is who you are. Know Thyself. This is your only goal. Use your mind with  perfected will to dive deep into the depths of who you are. Fall deeply in LOVE, see through the beloved’s viel. Find the 4th Dimension :) The PRESENT moment (NOW) is PRE SENT and a PRESENT (gift). So be STILL (zazen - sitted meditation). BREATHE.

Delight when you find faults in yourself. Make no excuse for your acts, deeds and consequences, the pain or joy you cause unto others. On the other hand be compassionate when you find faults in others. Take every effort to imagine anything one can do to excuse them, understand and love them. Know of them as your own Self. Self = Other!

Do not want or need of anything. Rather recognize you have everything you desire. This may take a leap of faith at first, but even mountains have proved no obstacle to those who are cloaked in faith. The quickest way to realize this, is to give others what you desire, for then you will discover that you are neither lacking or in want.  You are a blessing to all around you.

Find your VOICE and learn when to use it. WORDS are powerful so choose wisely what you say/think about yourself and others. Words are magic. In the Beginning was the WORD. LetSILENCE be your friend. There are places where even words cannot reach. Their inadequacy is only tribute to the INFINITE ONE.

IMAGINATION is the key!

Escape the pendulum swing of Maya’s (illusion) duality. Two ends of stick are but ends of the same stick. No Teacher. No Student. No Lesson. See more sunrises and sunsets than you can count for this is the only clock you will ever need. The stars watch over you each night so know no FEARLOVE is the GREATEST.

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