My Dear Wakesho,

You are a wonder; God’s perfect wonder. You are strong. Your heart is beautiful, you… are beautiful.

You try hard, to show the world a version of beauty that the world has made you perceive as the real form of beauty. I hope as you read this, you’ll remember not to do this. You, the authentic you, is what the world needs. Not any other pretentious version of you.

You have a tendency to underestimate yourself, how strong you are, how brave and smart you are. You are scared to believe this, yet it remains true always. Your full potential to be anything you dream, aspire to be, is always going to be tapped when you simply BELIEVE.

You need to be brave. Stand up for what you believe in, stand up for yourself, always. Go for it, even when it’s scary. You know you can. They will underestimate you, but don’t worry, they haven’t seen half of your genius.

Never let anything that makes you unhappy stay in your space. Let them go, let him go, let it go, trust me…your inner peace is worth it. Always remember, you will never have to force anything that is real.

Stop fighting you. Quit the hide and seek. The inner fight will destroy you, do not let it. You are enough, you don’t need to change any part of you. Refining bits and pieces here and there is obviously great, but do not try to fight who you are, who you were made to be; embrace you, love you, appreciate you, just the way you are.

You are your biggest cheerleader, but remember, you have to believe. Continue being the genuine heart you are, God has so much in store for you, you literally have no idea.

When it all hurts, when the pain is unbearable; pray. You will always find peace and happy in that quiet place talking to HIM smile.

Good news, you are growing in the most beautiful way, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Trust this process, everything eventually falls into place. There will be light at the end of the tunnel always, for even those things you thought would defeat you.

Be happy always, be thankful always, pray always, eat all the things you love, go shopping, date, chase the sun, and love the hell out of yourself.

Love and Love,

Future Wakesho smile

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