Hey Natta

You seem a little joyful today but I can tell something feels out of place.

It feels like it’s your heart.

You just landed your first radio gig two weeks ago (OMG) and work environment is becoming joyful again. Career is looking up and school progress is in the process but there’s something that you know you feel you want to do.

21 years old and finally, yes, finally, feeling the urge to move out of mom and dad’s house. You feel financially capable to take care of yourself and right now, all you need is their support.

Where to begin? Should Grace and you look for the house then tell them? Or tell them prior to the house hunt? Decisions! Decisions!

On this particular Thursday afternoon, you’re wearing your “Black Poets Matter” t-shirt, you’ve noticed a slight weight gain  but it’s Burger Fest so what the heck?  You just did your script for your show prep and you’re pretty much alone in mom’s house. It feels slightly embarrassing that you just woke up at 10 am and everyone but you has left the house, worse still, it’s not your house.

Your heart is certainly ready to begin a new chapter in life,

“Let’s go get a flat Grace.”


Tell me about the process towards the progress, and please don’t forget.


Love you,

Natalie C. Sifuma

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